Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 10, 2016

Program topic - "Find the Funny: Create Comedy, Conquer Conflict" 

We've all faced situations where we thought, "Some day, I'm going to look back at this and laugh," but did you know that using humor in the moment expands perspective and can transform obstacles, conflict, and failure into opportunities? In "Find the Funny," David uses characters and comedy to share how laughing about problems can expand your point of view and lead you to discover solutions that lie just beyond your perspective.

After graduating from The University of Akron with a degree in political science, David Horning took the next logical step: moving to New York City to pursue a comedy career. In his two years there, David studied and performed improvisation and sketch comedy at The Upright Citizens Brigade, produced a number of web videos (one of which was featured on Will Ferrell's humor website "Funny or Die"), produced and performed in the sketch comedy show "Laundry Day," featured monthly at Times Square comedy club Caroline's on Broadway, and was selected to perform in the 2014 New York Comedy Festival. As a strong proponent of self-development and happiness, David saw an opportunity to expand his message by traveling the country and sharing the power of humor and perspective with businesses, service organizations, and nonprofits using his off-the-wall presentation style. David's first book, "Find the Funny" will be available at the end of September on Amazon.