At our weekly meeting on January 13, 2017, President Elect Amanda Tietze filled in for a traveling President Craig Young.  Amanda welcomed the members and the many guests to the meeting.
Rotarian Sharon Sirpilla gave the Invocation.
Secretary Suzette Matthews welcomed the following guests to the meeting: Dr. Robert Greene (guest of Jerry Ortman); Randy Williams, Tom Thompson (guests of Greg Triner); Ashleigh Abrigg (guest of John DeWees); ADG Bob Schaffner (Plain Rotarian); Nicholas Mullaly (guest of Ernie Schott); Evan Harcour and Mike Levy (guests of Sharon Sirpilla); Michael Clark, Beth Trainer, Yari Natal, and AJ Rojek (guests of Mark Rojek); James Keller (guest of Lucia Cirese); Derek Gordon (guest of Drew Pelger); Debbie Busby and Chalyce Head (guests of Suzette Matthews); Raquel Raderchak (guest of Dan Matthews).
The "Happy Bucks" was then provided by the following: 
  • President Elect Amanda Tietze - was happy to announce Rotary International PHF Challenge Winners: President Craig Young and Shawn Dougherty both won Centennial Wine bottle and Secretary Suzette Matthews won the Paul Harris Fellow;
  • Ernie Schott - in celebration of his grandson, Nicholas Mullaly, attending the meeting;
  • PP Dan Matthews - in celebration of his wife, Suzette Matthews, winning the PHF drawing;
  • Bruce Schorsten - congratulations to the Cavs for the winning the World Championship;
  • Mark Rojek - celebrate Cavs win. He was also pleased his son, AJ (Andrew), was able to attend the meeting;
  • Dave Beule - congratulated the Canton Charge; He also wanted everyone to know the name of his new restaurant on 3rd Street.  It is called Snorkey's; 
  • Shawn Dougherty - was happy for the warm weather.
Vice President Michelle Mullaly then took to the podium to make an announcement about the ongoing "Unevent" Raffle.  Tickets are still available for purchase for $25.00 each. (*Please see story above for additional information)
Amanda made an announcement regarding the Charitable Fund Drive.  To date, $10,197.50 has been raised.
Speaker Chair Sharon Sirpilla then introduced the speaker, Len Komoroski, Chief Executive Officer of the Cleveland Cavaliers/Quicken Loans Arena.
In closing, President Elect Amanda informed everyone of next week's speaker, Mark Samolczyk from Stark Community Foundation.  She also reminded the Presidential Advisory Committee of the meeting immediately following the conclusion of the Rotary meeting.
The following turned in a makeup during Friday's meeting: Tom Sinclair (North Canton); Bob Matthews ( Venice Nokomis FL); PP Curt Werren (North Canton, Louisville).