At our weekly meeting September 16, 2016, President Craig Young welcomed the members and guests to the meeting. 
Rotarian Mark Rojek provided the Invocation.
Secretary Suzette Matthews then welcomed the following guest to the meeting: Dan Braxton (guest of Chad Minor).  Suzette then made an announcement that it was President Craig Young's birthday and Rotarian Bill Sparks proceeded to play "Happy Birthday" on the piano, accompanied by singing from all in attendance!
The "Happy Bucks" news was then provided by the following:
  • *Curt Werren--in honor of his and Stephanie's triplets, who were celebrating their 18th birthday.

  • *John Werren--in celebration of Bill Sparks standing and playing the piano...AND the 18th birthday of his triplet grandchildren (after all, it is a family affair when you have triplet grandchildren :))...AND to share his excitement that his daughter-in-law, Stephanie Werren, has become a new Rotarian, which continues the long line of Werren family Rotarians.

  • *Scott Sandrock--celebrating the birth of his new grandson, Owen Sandrock.

  • *Bob Myers-in celebration of his grandchildren's birthdays.

  • *Greg Luntz--in celebration of his daughter (who lives in Oklahoma) wearing Ohio State Scarlet & Gray to the Sooners vs Buckeyes game on Saturday (in Oklahoma).

  • *Steve Fettman--in honor of Craig Young's birthday today. Happy Birthday Craig!

  • *Craig Young--in celebration of his birthday, Mexican Independence Day, and the pending Canton Rotary Oktoberfest.

  • *Suzette Matthews--in recognition of Michelle Mullaly and all her hard work on the Oktoberfest event (to be held the next day, Saturday, Sept 17, 2016). You Rock Michelle!

  • *Brent Rice--in celebration of he and his wife's 21st wedding anniversary.
Rotarian Mark Clendenin took to the podium to remind members it was still not too late to make a contribution to the Louisiana "$50.00 Challenge".  You still have until September 23rd to make a donation to help the Louisiana victims who are still dealing with the effects from the recent flood damage.  (*Please see story above).
Vice President Michelle Mullaly was pleased to announce she had enough volunteers to cover the "Oktoberfest".  She stated if you had purchased a t-shirt it was available for pick-up and to see Lauri/Barb.  VP Michelle then announced the day's speaker, Brent Rice, Wooster Rotary Club President, would be speaking on the "Korea RI Convention".
President Craig then concluded the meeting and announced next week's speaker will be Alexandra Coon, Executive Director of the Massillon Museum.
The following Rotarians turned in a makeup during Friday's meeting: Kimberly Kroh (Plain); PDG/PP Bob Pattison (North Canton); PP Curt Werren (Louisville).
The following Rotarians will receive a makeup for volunteering with the Junior Achievement event on September 16, 2016:  Robert Matthews, Bruce Hale and President Elect Amanda Tietze.