THE ROTARY CLUB OF CANTON, OHIO                                
                           VOLUME 44                                May 8, 2020
“Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass… It's about learning to dance in the rain."
- Anonymous
Greetings Rotarians!  I am sure many of you have been weathering this storm known as Covid-19.  As I have said in prior Rotograms, our club has felt the wrath of this pandemic.  Social distancing has essentially cancelled many of our springtime events and fundraisers, causing a financial challenge to our club.  And with no ability to meet in person, we lose the connection with friends that is so important to us all.
But despite these storms, we have somehow found ways to stay engaged and make an impact in our community.  This is our attempt to dance in the rain.  Here’s an update on what is happening.
Our First Virtual Meeting.  We had a very successful first virtual meeting last Friday, May 1st.  Nearly 40 Rotarians joined our Zoom videoconference and the interaction was lively and helpful.  I took some time to give all of you a detailed update on our club and the financial challenges we face this year. Several good ideas were discussed, including reaching out to our membership for financial support to help us get through this storm. 
Helping the Community in this Time of Need.  Despite the financial challenges facing our club, there has been a clear consensus that we need to help our local community during this time of need.  This challenge has been met by our Endowment Committee, who have quickly assembled a group to see if this fund can help local organizations create an immediate, positive impact.  This team of Rotarians is working with the Stark Community Foundation to help identify organizations and programs most in need.  We expect to have some very clear direction within the next few weeks.
Our Next Virtual Meeting – May 15th.  We are planning our next full meeting for May 15th.  This meeting will include a featured speaker, in keeping with our weekly tradition.  We are confirming logistics as I write this, so more information will be coming next week.  We hope to have a great turnout for this event, so please plan on attending.
For those of you new to Zoom meetings, or any of you, please join in on our Rotary “Meet-up” this Friday beginning at 11:30 am.  You should have received an email invitation from Past President Michelle Charles (fna Mullaly).  Please try to drop-in for some interaction with your Rotary friends and get used to ZOOM!  Just click on the link in Michelle’s email invitation and virtually connect. 
The willingness of Rotarians to reach out and help during trying times never ceases to amaze me. Stay connected with your Rotary friends during this tumultuous time of change.  We will weather this storm together… and maybe even dance in the rain.
Warmest regards,
At our Zoom meeting on May 1, 2020, President Mark Rojek opened the meeting by welcoming the 36 Rotarians in attendance, the National Anthem was played by Rotarian Bill Sparks and the members recited the Pledge of Allegiance (Editor's note: Fortunately everyone was wearing pants and not 'Donald Ducking', as defined by new member, Chylece Head!)    
Club Secretary Julia Dick received "Happy Bucks" from the following Rotarians: Suzette Matthews, Sam Shaheen, Bob Pattison, Dan Matthews, Jon Adland, Rick Taylor, Paula Mastroianni, Mark Clendenin, James Boggs, Chris Burt and Bill Sparks. 
President Mark updated our members on the following items: 
  • The club's status during this time of social distancing;
  • Our club's current financial situation;
  • How our club is responding to the needs of our community;
  • Plans for our future Rotary meetings.
President-Elect Drew Pelger reported on his views for our club moving forward into the 2020-21 Rotary year.
The following Rotarians announced how they were making a difference in the community:
  • Jennie George helped a friend make 175 face masks;
  • Drew Pelger and his family performed a Zoom dance off and donated $300 to The Stark County Hunger Task Force.
Paul Hervey suggested that any Canton Rotarian who is able and willing to perform service work should consider volunteering at the Stark County Hunger Task Force. Volunteers are needed on Monday and Tuesday from 11:30 - 2:30 to help stock shelves.
Bill Liber, Golf Outing Committee Chairperson, made a suggestion that our club forego this year's golf outing.  
President Mark adjourned the meeting at approximately 1:00 PM. 
Please join us this Friday, May 8, 2020 at 11:30 AM for our weekly Zoom Rotary social video meeting.
This is a great way to keep in touch with your fellow Rotarians during this time of social distancing. 
PP Michelle Mullaly Charles has sent an invitation to your email with the log in information to this meeting, and it is also shown below in this article. 
Should you have any questions on this meeting, don't hesitate to contact the office.
Download the Zoom Video Conferencing app onto your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. NOTE: you should choose a device that has both a camera for video and a microphone for audio. There is no cost for the Zoom app.
Here's the info for you to log in:
Topic: Rotary Meet Up
Time: May 8, 2020 11:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 447 242 2589

From President-elect Drew Pelger: Daughter Brynn (7) and son Connor (5) challenged my parents to a dance off over Zoom.  My sister (Halle) and her boyfriend (James) agreed to donate $100 to a charity of the kids’ choice if they convinced my parents to actually dance! After dancing to a couple of songs, my parents decided to match the $100.  Mandy and I also decided to match the $100.  We asked the kids where they wanted to donate the money and they said to people that needed help.  We suggested Stark County Hunger Task Force.  So all in all, the Pelger family made a donation of $300 to the Stark County Hunger Task Force. 




Jennie George helped a friend make 175 masks

Phil Lattavo and his wife, Judith, made 100 masks from their home in Tuscon, Arizona and shipped them to Habitat for Humanity in Canton.
    - Picture from Canton Repository - April 27th
William Lundin - May 3
Amanda Tietze - May 4
Mark Milano - May 6
Marisa Rohn - May 9
Bruce Hale - May 10
Terri Barry - May 11
Chris Burt - May 11
Jeff Stem - May 17
Amanda Sainato - May 19
Don Sultzbach - May 19
Dan Fuline - May 22
Anne Richards - May 22
Michael Caskey - May 26
James Molnar - May 26
Mark Rojek - May 26
Ron Miller - May 27
PJ Lamiell - May 31
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 May’s Message from the Governor,
Who would have thought our world would be turned upside down, the freedom and control of our lives immediately ceased by the COVID-19 Virus? Now is the time for Rotarians to shine! Now is the time to start at home with our own members. We are a family and as such please reach out to one another. Many of our members are having trouble obtaining financial assistance. Many small businesses will not make it out of this terrible time. If possible, please support your local small businesses and Rotarians. Most importantly, if you hear of a Rotarian who has become ill from Covid-19, please extend our Rotary family support to their family.
Thank you all for all the wonderful things you are doing around the district. Flags are being flown, food donations given, and PPE being made. You are making a difference and I am so proud of our Rotarians in District 6650. Compassion given, in periods like this, makes all the difference in the world to someone in need.
This is Youth Services month. Rotary focuses on the development of young people up to the age of 30. We do this through our programs such as Rotartact, Interact, RYLA, Youth Exchange and New Generations Exchange Program. Investing in the development of a young professional can definitely change the world.
Rotarians are leaders and as such now is the time to plan for our future. We can not go back to yesterday but we can look forward to tomorrow. We have learned many new ways of doing things and very effective platforms of virtual communication. I assure you that Rotary International is learning as well. Yes, they too will come out of this as a stronger, healthier organization.
Be extra safe, continue social distancing, and we will talk again soon.
Dan Morgan
DG D6650 Rotary Connects the World
Canton Rotarians!
Help us stay in touch with each other by sharing your photos, happy bucks and stories of what you have been doing during this time of social distancing.  Please forward any pictures, cartoons, happy bucks or stories into the office at: and we will post these items in our weekly Rotogram and our website.
Rotarian Rick Taylor reports that a couple, Rick & Terry Lee, got engaged in front of Kozmo's Grille Monday evening May 4th while picking up their carryout order, two years after they had their first date there! Love conquers all, even during the COVID-19 crisis. (Editor's note: Yes, I'll pony up $5 for the mention of my business!) 
Stark County Hunger Task Force - Urgent Need for Volunteers!
With the increased demand for emergency food we are moving our pantry operations outside and using the drive thru pantry model. This will allow us to get more food out to more people. In order to do this we need more volunteers, twice as many in fact. Help meet this critical need during these trying times by signing up for a shift or two, or three! We will be operating our pantry Monday-Friday. Share this email and link with friends to help spread the word!
    -  Golf Outing - June 26, 2020 -*CANCELLED
   -  Oktoberfest - September 24, 2020
Russell Hampton
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