Volume 3                              July 22, 2022
Don Johnson is Business Development Manager at Kimble Recycling & Disposal, and will be describing the various steps that Kimble goes through to process the recyclable materials that they pick up from local residences and businesses.
Don has 35 years in the solid waste and recycling industry, starting as a helper on a trash truck, then progressing to driver of a trash truck, and on to manager and general manager of the  hauling company operations. He's also dealt with composting and tire shredding, and has served as a materials recovery facility manager, and in sales and in municipal/ business development and as a special projects coordinator.  
MENU JULY 22, 2022
Boneless Chicken Breast
Smashed Redskin Potatoes
Mini Salad Bar
Rolls & Butter
Thanks to Jennie George, we now have a new recurring Zoom link for those of you who prefer to attend on-line. 
You can join us remotely each week on Zoom at the following Link: 
Sue Marzano and Rich Dever, Co-Chairs of our Club's new SARTA Bus shelter project, announced the details of their project at last week's meeting.
After members Dan and Suzette Matthews saw bus shelters adorned with the famous Rotary logo on a trip to Turks & Caicos, they brought the idea back to Sue, who, as one of 11 children, used SARTA's service extensively as a child. Having experienced waiting for a bus in the elements, including rain, sleet, and snow (and having to sometimes spend the day with wet socks), she got together with Rich and they hashed out a plan to see if we could partner with SARTA on some new shelters at their bus stops.
After considerable discussion and coordination, SARTA chose a site at 4th St. and Hartford Ave SE for the first new Rotary shelter, as it is one of the busiest stops in the city. Cost to build a new shelter is $8,000, and, thanks to the generosity of a couple of Rotarians (who wish to remain nameless), as well as a donation from our Rotary Club of Canton Charitable Fund, the new shelter is now scheduled to be built!
Sue and Rich are now working on raising funds for the second bus shelter, with a "Dine-to-Donate" event being held on Monday August 22, 2022 at Kozmo's Grille in Massillon from 5 to 8 PM. During that time, 20% of your food purchases will be donated to the Canton Rotary Bus Shelter Project. Just print the flyer below, or take a screenshot, and show it to your server at Kozmo's when you're there. 
The flyer below also shows some other ways to donate if you wish to. Please reach out to Sue or Rich if you have any questions or comments. 
Hi folks, hope you're having a great week!
As I mentioned last week, I am asking all Canton Rotarians to volunteer a little of your time (or maybe a lot, if you're up for it!) to help our Club be successful this year and to continue into the future. Below is a short list of committees that I would ask you to take a look at, and to pick at least one committee on which you'd like to help. With no administrative assistant or office any longer, there's a fair amount of work that needs to be done to allow our club to operate smoothly. Plus, we are still trying to build back up from the pandemic's negative influences, including stabilizing our membership rolls, raising funds to run our club, as well as to continue our support of both our local and international communities, plus making sure we are able to help the youth in our Canton community.
Please take a look here and let me know what you might like to help with. It doesn't have to be a lot of time, maybe an hour or two per week, unless there's something that really grabs you and you feel compelled to grab the bull by the horns! My email is and cell is 330-575-2870. 
_____  Communications - to handle Rotogram, Facebook and other social media, website, emails and PR out to the community; notify press of speaker schedule?
_____  Community Involvement - help oversee our local projects, facilitate contact with local government and organizations
_____  Club Operations - assist with set up for meetings, caterer, organize greeters, attendance table (great for newer members to meet people and learn names/faces), handle lunch payments, make sure everything is organized for speakers, etc. 
______  Fellowship/Social - plan/organize activities for members to get together socially
______  Fundraising  - someone to coordinate our various fundraising efforts and assist project chairs, coordinate with Treasurer Tom 
______  Endowment – assist with management of endowment fund and disbusrement of funds to appropriate charities, etc.
______  Membership & Engagement – A BIG ONE!
  • Identify and solicit sources for new members (downtown and Canton-centric businesses and organizations, minority businesses, schools, Malone, churches, NGO's, etc.);
  • Reach out to "missing members" (not currently engaged/active)
  • regularly communicate with existing institutional members and ID potential new ones
  • Make sure new members are engaged and getting out of the club what they want
_____  Youth - coordinate and enhance youth programs: Interact, RYLA, Youth Exchange, JA
_____  Environment – new area for Rotary International, open for suggestions
_____  International –coordinate international involvement, current & future
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