Volume 1                              July 8, 2022
Michael Grossman is Professor of International Affairs and National Security at the University of Mount Union. He was born in Russia and lived in Israel. He has served as a faculty leader at the Washington Centre’s National Security Seminar and as instructor at the University of South Carolina Political Science Department. He earned his BA at George Washington University, an MA from Northeastern University, and a PhD from the University of South Carolina.
MENU JULY 8, 2022
Shrimp Skewers
Rice Pilaf
Mini Salad Bar
Thanks to Jennie George, we now have a new recurring Zoom link for those of you who prefer to attend on-line. 
You can join us remotely each week on Zoom at the following Link: 
Hi Fellow Rotarians! Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July.
I'm proud and honored to serve as your Club President for the second time. Maybe this time I'll get it right! 
Seriously, a lot has changed in the last 14 years (besides my loss of hair and gain of waistline!). Obviously, a lot has changed in just the last three years. But thanks to the efforts of Past Presidents Mark Rojek, Drew Pelger, and Mark Clendenin, their boards and fellow officers, AND ALL OF YOU, we have weathered the storm and are getting back our mojo! Like Austin Powers, baby! 
Think about the wonderful things we have been able to do in the last couple of years: to help out the hungry in our community, to battle polio across the globe, to support students in the Canton City Schools, to give some comfort to foster children, to help women and children in Kenya, even to help our fellow Rotarians in Cherkasy, Ukraine, as they help their fellow citizens in that war-torn country! Pretty amazing for a group of folks from middle of a flyover state, right? 
Oh, and we managed to have a little fun while we were accomplishing all of that! 
I hope that you will stay engaged with Canton Rotary as we move into this new Rotary year. I certainly welcome any and all input you might have on the Club, our meetings, new or existing projects, groups we can support, possible social events, or whatever might be on your mind. My email is (see how I got a little plug in there?) 
I also hope that you will help us expand the number of people that we can share Rotary with. If you have someone in our community that you think you'd like to invite, please let me know. We can help you with any info, or even contact the person with you to give you a hand. 
As many of you know, I can be a little slow in getting things done, so I'm still getting my thoughts together as to what my priorities will be for this year. Once those thoughts are better organized and discussed with the executive committee, I will let you all know what I'd like for US to accomplish. And I hope ALL of you will jump in to assist. We truly want to earn back our title of "The Finest Rotary Club in the World"! 
OH, AND PLEASE JOIN US AT OUR WEEKLY MEETINGS! We miss those we haven't seen for a while. We've got some interesting speakers and good food from Mr. Mike's Catering, so come on down! 
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