THE ROTARY CLUB OF CANTON, OHIO                                
                           VOLUME 43                                May 1, 2020
Please join your fellow Canton Rotarians on Friday May 1st via Zoom for our first 'videoconferencing' Friday meeting!  Don’t miss this important virtual meeting. 
We will open up the meeting room at 11:30am to give everyone a chance to log in and socialize a bit.  It will be an open forum until 12 noon when the formal meeting will kick-off.  We will provide you with an update on our club and how we are doing during social distancing. We’ll also discuss our plans for the near-term.  You will to see your friends and share your thoughts (remotely, of course).
Please check out the information below for instructions for joining the meeting and some tips for how to participate.  See you there!
We will be using the ZOOM Videoconferencing app to create our first virtual meeting.  For those of you who have not used ZOOM yet, it is a simple way to connect with a group, while in the comfort of your own home.  Here are some instructions for getting to the meeting and making it a good experience.
President Mark will be sending a Zoom meeting invitation to all Canton Rotarians with email on Thursday of this week.  He will be using the “Zoom Pro” version of the videoconferencing software, so the meeting with be safe and secure.  When you receive the email invitation, there will be a large, blue link that says “Join Raymond James Zoom Meeting” (or something very similar to that).  Simply click on this link and the software will ask you to download the app to your computer and ask you to type your name which will appear on the meeting room.
For best results in video-conferencing, it is ideal to use a laptop or PC with video and audio capabilities, though a smartphone can be used as well.  It is important to have a good connection to the internet (using your home or work wi-fi).  You will be able to log onto the meeting starting at 11:30am.
Once you are in the meeting, you will be able to see your fellow Rotarians and have conversations with the whole group.  In order to avoid excessive noise during this open forum, you should use the “Mute” audio feature once logged in.  (This feature is located on the bottom left corner of your ZOOM screen, near a picture of a microphone).  By muting your audio, you can still view the meeting and hear people talking, but any background noises in your home like dogs barking, phones ringing, televisions, etc. will not be heard by the group.  To speak to the group, simply “Unmute”.  Please get comfortable with this feature of ZOOM.
We look forward to “seeing” and “hearing” from you on Friday!
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile