Four-Way Test Speech Competition.

The Rotary Four-Way Test Competition is a competition offered to high school students where the student must prepare a five to seven minute speech to illustrate the value and practicality of the Rotary Four-Way Test. The student is judged on Content (50%), Organization (30%), and Delivery (20%).

Due to Covid restrictions the program will take place via our club’s Zoom meeting.

The purpose of the speech is to apply the principles of Rotary International's 4 Way Test to a current ethical issue.  Students are challenged to identify a topic they feel passionate about and to adopt a point of view from which they will seek to persuade others. It should be something from the speaker's personal experience or general knowledge. There are no restrictions regarding the choice of topic as long as it is not blatantly offensive.  

Each part of the Four-Way Test should be addressed during the speech. The points should be specifically stated, as the intent of the speech is to use the 4 Way Test to resolve an issue. Each part could be used to prove either a positive or negative point.    

McKinley HS students are coached by Manuel Halkias, McKinley High School English, AP Seminar, and Speech and Debate Coach. Mr. Halkias was selected by the National Speech and Debate Association as its Ohio Speech Educator of the Year in 2018.  He is a member of the OSDA Coaches Hall of Fame and served on the OSDA Board of Directors for six years, and as district chairman for seven years. In 2020 he will be awarded his fourth coaching Diamond at the National Championships, which is given to coaches whose students earn over 100,000 points in competition.

The Rotary Four-Way Test District competition will be held via Zoom on Saturday, April 24.