Harold "Ben" Carter has been the College & Career Technical Education Director at Canton City School District since August , 2017. Prior to this position, he served as the College & Career Readiness Coordinator at CCSD. 
Ben had previously been at THE Ohio State University as Program Coordinator for 10 years, conducting the admission & selection process, and mentoring, advising and coaching pre-collegiate and collegiate students in selection of majors, internships, and financial aid.
Ben also is CEO and owner of Unconditional Love & Care, where he is an Intervention Specialist & Individual Provider for the State of Ohio, providing individualized care and attention, in his home, for individuals with exceptional needs. He believes that all children deserve 'unconditional love and care' and he strives to provide that everyday to the people in his care.
Ben earned his Bachelor's in Special Education and Teaching at Kent State University, and his Masters in Curriculum & Instruction at Ashland University.