As Junior Achievement chair for the Rotary Club of Canton, I have been staying in touch with JA about opportunities for us to 'mentor' young people through JA's programs of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and job preparation. I have asked JA to provide volunteer opportunities in Canton City Schools primarily, but they have also communicated other volunteer needs in other districts.
Here's one at Marlington Middle School. Let me know if you're interested in helping: 

Marlington Middle School

Teacher- Kylie Shackle

Program- JA Economics for Success

Date- JAID November 19th

Times- 7:45am- 2:25pm

Volunteers- 7 secured, 5 needed (each volunteer will teach the same lesson, 3 times)

8:53- 9:38       Morning Session 1

9:41- 10:26     Morning Session 2

10:29-11:14    Morning Session 3

11:17-11:47    LUNCH

11:50-12:30    Afternoon Session 1

12:33-1:13      Afternoon Session 2

1:16-1:56        Afternoon Session 3

Program Overview:

Program Brief: