Kevin Mast is the owner and president of Mast Trucking Inc., in Millersburg, OH. You may have seen Mast's beautiful semi trucks that are blue with red & gold stripes on the roads and highways. When you travel in the eastern United States, you are likely to see more than a dozen of them on the highway to or from New York City, the Washington, DC area, North & South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana and all points in between, mostly this side of the Mississippi.

As Kevin says, "Mast Trucking hauls breakfast to America!”. They are hauling refrigerated goods from this region out to distribution centers and grocers everyday. This includes products produced locally from companies like Biery Cheese, Case Farms, Fresh Mark, Superior Dairy, Daisy Brand, Tyson Foods, and others.

Seems more like "breakfast, lunch and dinner for America"!

Kevin has been married to his wife Maria for 21 years, and they have 3 children, aged 13, 15, and 17.

(To give you some idea of how these local companies are feeding America, Fresh Mark makes or processes Sugardale Meats and Honey Baked Hams. They make 15,000 pounds of hot dogs an hour, 20 hours a day.

Case Farms processes about 220,000 chickens a day in their Canton plant, plus additional production in their Winesburg plant.)