Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 15, 2021
At our Zoom meeting on March 12,2021, President Drew Pelger opened the meeting by welcoming a total of 44 Canton Rotarians (live at John's Bar and also via Zoom), as well as our guest speaker, Todd Pugh, Founder and CEO of Enviroscapes, and guests, Mandy Pelger, Joe Gerzina and Bill Smith.
Secretary Paula Mastroianni presented the following:
Interesting historical facts for the day:
  • 1894 – US Coca-Cola began selling its first bottles in the US.
  • 1933 – President Roosevelt broadcasts his first fireside chat during the Great Depression.
  • 1959 – Hawaii was admitted as the US’s 50 state.
  • 1980 – John Wayne Gacy, aka the Killer Clown, was found guilty of murdering 33 young boys. He received 21 consecutive life sentences and 12 death sentences.
  • 2003 – 15-year old Elizabeth Smart was found after being kidnapped and held captive for nine months.
Rotary Fun Facts:
The first Rotary Club in 1905 had no dues. Instead, they agreed that all club expenses would be paid from $.50 fines. In today's dollar, that fine would be just over $13. By 1915 Rotary International was on the verge of bankruptcy and its then President, Frank Mulholland, suggested every Rotarian contribute $1 (just over $24 today), and hence the concept of annual dues was born. That $1 raised enough funds to make the organization whole.
Paula Mastroianni also received "Happy Bucks" from Paul Hervey, Sam Shaheen, Rick Taylor, Dan Matthews and Craig Young.