Posted by Drew Pelger
Due to the cancellation of the McKinley / Massillon joint meeting, our regularly scheduled meeting for Friday October 2nd has been cancelled.  We had originally planned on hosting an offsite social gathering, but due to weather concerns, that plan has unfortunately been scrapped.  There will be no Zoom meeting either on Friday.  We will continue our normally scheduled meetings next Friday October 9th.
As the 2nd quarter of our Rotary year nears, I want to challenge every Rotarian to find a way to be more active within the club.  While we have been presented with many new challenges this year, we are fortunate to have an extremely hardworking team putting together weekly programs that more than meet the standard of our pre-pandemic meetings.  If you have been hesitant to come to the meetings or logon to Zoom, I certainly hope that you will reconsider.  While it’s a different experience, the Zoom option does provide a new level of convenience to you as a member of our organization.  If you have been attending the meetings one way or another I appreciate it greatly.
Make sure to root for McKinley so that I don’t have to eat the spicy wings in a Massillon jersey.  Have a wonderful week, everyone.