Welcome to November,

As of today, 1/3 of my year as President is done. That is just too hard to believe! My wife might disagree with it being hard to believe. It is interesting how much our partners are vested in us. They cheer us on when we succeed and lift us up when we don’t. Not every swing is a homerun. A hit every third at bat gets us in the HOF! If you haven’t yet, take an opportunity this week to thank your partner for all the support they provide. 

Last week I had the honor of providing a lunch meeting anniversary and birthday celebration for Pete Taflan. If you were there, you got to say hello to a fine man that celebrated 57 years as a Canton Rotarian as we celebrated his 100th birthday that will occur November 24, 2021. I was both honored and humbled in being a small part of this. Thanks to Larry Pitts for making sure that this happened,

This week we have Aaron Brown and Alison Matas Smith providing some insights on Habitat for Humanity in our area, and quite possibly providing some opportunities for our neighborhood engagement. I had a great time on the last project with Past President Craig Young creating the pocket park.

Don’t forget to register for the meeting and let’s all try to get involved in something Rotary.

President Mark