Thanks to everyone who attended last week’s lunch.  Rich Desrosiers from the Pro Football Hall of Fame was a delight to listen to and frankly very tolerant of my packed agenda.  Rich and I played hockey together and I’m glad he didn’t throw a check to sit me down.

A special thanks to Joab Okello who joined us on Zoom from his home in Kenya to provide us with more details on the mask project Virginia and Dan are spearheading through International Projects.  I was moved by the amount of money collected from within our club for this humanitarian project.  We passed the hat around and collected $405, our McKinley Interact Club did the same at their school and raised more than $265, a member of our club matched their $265, and the Canton Rotary made a $250 contribution.  In total $1,185 came directly from our club!  I’ve been reaching out to the other clubs in the district, and we have commitments and checks currently for another $3,875.  That brings our current total to $5,060 of our $7,500 district wide goal.

We have a few events planned this week starting with our joint get together with the Plain Township Rotary at Tugboats Restaurant at Meadowlake Golf Course.  Festivities begin at 4:00 on 9/29/21.  On Saturday 10/2/21 from 9am to 12pm we are moving out of our old Rotary office on the third floor and we could sure use your help.  Please email or text me and let me know you will be there.  Both of these activities are eligible for a lunch makeup.   

We continue the artful balancing of having too much or not enough food, so I continue to ask each of you to register early for your attendance using Eventbrite.  If you have problems with it, or just can’t’ figure it out, don’t worry.  Just reach out to me or Sue Marzano by phone, email, or text and we will see to it that you are signed up for the lunch meeting.

I know I’ve said that Canton Rotary is where we give our passions a home!  Frankly, I think it’s where passions know they have a home.  You all rock!

Have a great week and I’ll see you Friday.


President Mark