Taking a summer job as a teenager at a restoration company is how Steve Coon started in this industry.  While the work was difficult, it helped him discover his passion for restoring buildings.  Today, Steve is the Founder and President of Coon Restoration & Sealants.
In 1983, a few years after marrying his wife Jenny, they formed Coon Caulking and Sealants.  The first 10 employees hired by Steve and Jenny remain with the company today, which has flourished to well over 100 employees to date.  With the help of their dedicated team of employees, the Coon family built the business into one of the largest restoration companies in the Midwest.  In fact, their 4 children are all currently active in the business in various capacities.  It’s because of their unique expertise in building restoration, rehabilitation and maintenance, that Coon Restoration & Sealants has expanded the family business throughout Ohio and numerous other states.

Taking pride in the craft of restoration and gaining satisfaction in assisting customers with the restoration of their buildings,  is what has inspired the Coon family for nearly 40 years.