Tom Maurer is an experienced Financial Planner who has devoted the past 35 years to helping families and business owners accumulate wealth, prepare for events that can be financially devastating (two common examples he can help you prepare for are unexpected illnesses and disability), and transition into retirement  in a way that provides future income provisions for the family.
A graduate of Sandy Valley High School, Tom and his wife, Chris, have three children and four grandchildren. As a young husband and father, Tom wanted to learn about managing finances well so he could care for his family, prepare for their future, and not be consumed with debt. As he studied sound financial principles, and applied them personally, the Lord inspired him to help others experience the freedom and prosperity that comes from saving, managing money well and preparing for the future.  That’s how Maurer Financial Services was born!
Now the firm has three full-time employees and one part-time employee. Tom’s desire to help his family all those years ago still motivates him in his business of helping others today.
Maurer Financial Services is an independent firm; so, they are not obligated to recommend any one company’s products or services. “As an independent, we’re free to recommend the investments and financial products and services best suited for each individual.” With that freedom, his company is able to help families and individuals accumulate wealth, prepare for events that can be financially devastating, and save for the educations of their children and grandchildren.  He also helps his clients preserve assets and transition into retirement in a way that ensures future income provisions for the family.