Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 29, 2019
At the March 29, 2019 meeting, President Michelle Mullaly welcomed 49 members and 9 guests to the meeting. 
Rotarian Mark Clendenin gave the Invocation.
Congratulations to Rotarian Ernie Schott for having the winning 50/50 ticket worth $56.00.
Secretary Suzette Matthews welcomed the following guests to the meeting:  Dick Maggiore (speaker); Marcus Adelman, Veronica Smith, Awera Jordan and Scott Mahoney (guests of speaker Dick Maggiore); Laura Grabowsky (wife/guest of Dave Grabowsky), Jeremy Bible (guest of Dave Grabowsky); Debbie Poland and Mandi Snyder (guests of PP Dan and Suzette Matthews).
Rotarian Jon Adland provided the Rotafact...Who/What is Rotary?
The "Happy News" was then given by the following:
  • President Elect Mark Rojek - to celebrate the NCAA Tournament success of a Big Ten powerhouse, the Purdue Boilermakers;
  • PP Dan Matthews - to honor world renowned expert Dick Maggiorie and to thank him for speaking to educate us on branding and positioning.
Rotarian Pete Taflan and PDG/PP Dave Ewing introduced the newest member of the Rotary Club of Canton, Greg Bumbu (*see story above); *editor's note: it was also Greg's birthday and the members sang "Happy Birthday" to him!
Committee Chair Mark Clendenin  provided members with an update on the "Unevent Raffle".
President Elect Mark Rojek then took to the podium to welcome the speaker for the meeting, Dick Maggiore, who was speaking on "Marketing is a Battle of Perceptions, Not Tomatoes".  
President Michelle concluded the meeting with the following annoucements:
  • thank you to March Speaker Chair Raquel Raderchak for her outstanding speakers she provided for the month;
  • also thanks to Rotarian Bruce Hale for being the Greeter Leader and Rotarian Lynn Hamilton for working the attendance table;
  • next week's speaker will be the founder of Gervasi Vineyards, Ted Swaldo **If you plan to bring a guest, please let the Rotary office know.
The following Rotarian turned in a makeup during Friday's meeting: Ernie Schott (North Canton).