At our meeting on Friday, September 24th, President Mark welcomed 34 Canton Rotarians and 5 guests, including Joab Okello, form the Rotary Club of Nakura, Kenya (on Zoom, of course) and our speaker, Rich Desrosiers. 
This Day in History: 
1908 - The first factory-built Ford Model T, AKA Tin Lizzie, rolled off the assembly line
1952 - The first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise opened in Salt lake City (huh?) 
1957 - Federal troops were sent to Little Rock, Arkansas, to enforce the right of of Black children to attend the local public schools
1960 - The Howdy Doody Show ended a 13 run on NBC
2015 - Pope Francis becomes the first Pope to address the US Congress
Fun Fact:
Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor developed the Four-Way Test as a moral code for business and personal relationships.
Happy Bucks:
Rich Desrosiers
Sam Shaheen
Steve Fettman
Lynn Hamilton
Denny Fulmer
Jennie George
Bruce Schorsten
Dave Ewing
Paul White
Bill Sparks