At our meeting on Friday October 1, 2021, President Mark welcomed 31 Canton Rotarians and 1 guest, our speaker Ben Carter. 
Secretary Paula Mastrioanni provided the following:
This Day in History - 
  • 1933 -Babe Ruth makes his final pitching appearance in MLB; pitches all 9 innings in a season ending 6-5 win v Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium.
  • 1955 -  Jackie Gleason's sitcom "The Honeymooners" debuts on CBS
  • 1962 – Jonny Carson hosts his first Tonight Show with guests Rudy Vallee, Tony Bennett, Mel Brooks and Joan Crawford.
  • 1968 Cult movie, Night of the Living Dead premiered in Pittsburgh and 1974 "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" horror film premieres in director Tobe Hooper's hometown, Austin, Texas
  • 1971 – Disney World opens in Bay Lake and in 1982 EPCOT Center opens in Orlando, Florida
Happy Bucks - 
Jim Thomas
Paul Hervey
President Mark