At our weekly meeting last Friday 10/8/21, President-Elect Lynn Hamilton, standing in for a vacationing Mark Clendenin, welcomed 31 members and two guests, Bill Hannon and Brent Watts. 
This Day in History - 
* 1929 -  A man in Ohio is charged and found guilty of speaking offensively in front of a woman.
* 2004 -  Martha Stewart is sentenced to 5 months and a $30,000 fine.  She served her prison term at a minimum security facility known as Camp Cupcake!
* 2008 - The national debt clock was created in 1989,  showing our country’s debt at 3 trillion dollars.  On Oct 8, 2008, the debt went to 10 trillion dollars.  However, the clock didn’t have enough digits to show 10 trillion, so they added 2 digits to the clock. (Editor's note: And, right now, if you listen carefully, you can hear that debt clock spinning uncontrollably!) 
Rotary Fun Fact - 
Rotary Ann
In 1914 San Francisco, Rotarians boarded a special train to attend the yearly convention in Houston.  Only one woman was aboard, Ann Brunnier, wife of a Rotarian.  When they arrived at the convention, only one other woman was in attendance, Ann Gundaker, also the wife of a Rotarian.  As they were introduced, the men began chanting Rotary Ann!  They then proceeded to hoist the two petite Anns on men’s shoulders and paraded them around the convention hall.
After that all wives were known as Rotary Ann, until 1987 when women were permitted to join our clubs.
Happy Bucks:
- Paul Hervey: daughter was Perry High Player of the Month for October
- Brent Watts: attended a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, completing a 'bucket list' item
- PDG Bob Pattison: watched his grandson in the BDBITL (Best Darn Band in the Land) at an OSU football game