At our meeting last Friday June 17, 2022, President Mark welcomed 30 Rotarians and one guest, PDG Dr. Meena Patel (who had some very gracious and complimentary things to say about our club and President Mark, and those warm feelings were returned to her, as well). Our speaker, Howard Danzig of ECCHIC (Employers Committed to Control Health Insurance Costs), provided some very insightful background into why small and medium businesses pay inflated prices for health insurance premiums compared to larger corporations.
Secretary Paula provided the following info:
On This Day in History:
1837 - Charles Goodyear obtained his first rubber patent.

1885 - The dismantled Statue of Liberty, a gift of friendship from the people of France to the people of America, arrives in New York Harbor. It was shipped across the Atlantic Ocean as 350 individual pieces packed in more than 200 cases.

1950 – Surgeon Richard Lawler performs the first kidney transplant operation in Chicago.

1972 – The Watergate, an office/apartment/hotel complex in Washington, D.C. and headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, was broken into by five men who were later arrested, prompting the Watergate scandal that upended the administration of U.S. President Richard M. Nixon.

1994 – American gridiron football hero, O.J. Simpson, was charged with the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

Rotary Fun Fact:

Rotarians in the United States make up 28 percent of all Rotarians worldwide.

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