Posted by Mark Rojek on Oct 29, 2018
A QUESTION:   How does our Rotary Club put “Service Above Self” into action?
THE ANSWER:   The Canton Rotary Charitable Fund!
The Canton Rotary Charitable Fund (CRCF) is the not-for-profit portion of our club and the primary funding source for a variety of service projects that the club undertakes.  Just take a look at some of the important things we have brought to our local community:
Some of the funding for the CRCF comes from our civic events.  But without direct donations from our members, these programs would just not be possible.  That is what makes the support of all our members so critical.
Keep in mind: even the smallest contribution can create a whole bunch of positive results.  Please keep our legacy intact and make a contribution towards the meaningful work of the CRCF.  I thank you for your support.