At our meeting on Friday 8/27/21, President mark welcomed 38 members, two human guests, Bob Pauley and Rich Michelle, and one four-legged guest, Baron the Dog. After our pledge and national anthem, Becky Clark, filling in for Secretary Paula Mastroianni, presented the following:
This Day in History - 
> 1963 -  200,000 people marched on Washington DC, which became the high point of the civil rights movement, especially remembered for the famous “I Have A Dream” speech by                     Martin Luther King.
> 1996 -  A divorce decree was issued ending the 15 year marriage of Prince Charles and Princes Diana.
> 2007 - The world’s oldest woman, Maria Capovila, from Columbia, dies at the age of 116.
> 2008 - Barak Obama became the first African American to be nominated for the presidency.
Rotary Fun Fact - 
> 1929 - Rotary Foundation made its first gift of $500.00 to the International Society for Crippled Children.
Happy Bucks - 
Rick Taylor $1.00
Bob Pattinson $5.00
Bruce Shorsten$1.00
Darren Nissley $5.00
Mark Clendenin $1.00
Bob Matthews $1.00
Becky Clark $5.00
Denny Dent $1.00