Bill Shearer: Co-Founder/CEO/President

Bill has been married to Marcia for forty-seven years. He is the father of two girls, Cara and Kristin and the grandfather of eight grandchildren!  Bill graduated from Baldwin Wallace College and received his Master’s Degree from Akron University.  He brings over thirty years of teaching, coaching, and educational administration within Canton City Schools.  The Shearer name has been associated with horses for decades ranging from the ownership of standard bred race horses to cutting, pleasure, and reining horses.  Bill leads many of the individual sessions and also leads the training of future session leaders.  He continues working in the community to provide events in which people in our surrounding area can improve their quality of life by spending time with horses and does so without any fee whatsoever.  He is also working in the community by speaking with potential sponsors to provide the necessary funding to keep this non-profit ministry working efficiently and providing many future opportunities for those who need a place to feel welcome while working with horses and people who genuinely care.  He is creating a legacy of love to share with future generations.  

Marcia Shearer: Co-Founder/Vice President

Marcia is the mother of two girls and grandmother of eight grandchildren.  She attended The Ohio State University and graduated from Kent State University.  She has her Master’s Degree from Kent State University and brings over thirty years of teaching experience to Whispering Grace Horses and Freedom Farm.  Her heart has always been with children and horses.  The community is quite aware of her personal touch with kids not only with their learning but her willingness to put their comfort level for learning first.  Marcia has served in many prayer groups with women and family.  She now lends a strong leadership quality mentoring session leaders at Whispering Grace Horses and Freedom Farm along with prayer ministry.  She works alongside her husband, Bill, to help speak to our surrounding community.  Marcia’s heart leads the way as she talks of how that hope relates to understanding our mission at Whispering Grace Horses, that being to intertwine a relationship of horses and humans, and how that relationship reflects the “Grace” we receive from Christ.