Posted by MICHELLE MULLALY on Nov 06, 2017
It’s that time of year when we are in the midst our Annual Charitable Fund Drive! As is customary, I will be making a weekly plea from the podium for your participation.
The Charitable Fund is vital to our Club’s philanthropic endeavors. With this fund, we support projects such as Polio Plus, the Philomatheon Society, RYLA, Rotary Scouts, Interact and Scholarships. This year we also started the Backpack Project under the charitable fund. It is important that we continue to support projects in the community where we work, live and play.
I am not going to be focusing on the goal amount – instead I’m hoping for 100% participation. It’s not important how much you give, just that you give something. Please consider your gift with a generous spirit.  **Please make checks payable to the Canton Rotary Charitable Fund