Posted by DG Mike Raulin on Apr 09, 2018
The district conference is just 6 weeks away, and I need your help to recognize some of the great things that have been happening in your club. Specifically, we want to (1) celebrate those behind-the-scenes Rotarians who have contributed enormously to their club’s success, and (2) celebrate those newer Rotarians who clearly are passionate about Rotary and clearly destined to be outstanding Rotarians. We also want to have a little fun by celebrating some of the quirks of our members—quirks that we find endearing in people who are passionate about Rotary but do not take themselves too seriously. These Recognitions/Awards are each described in more detail below, and I have attached application forms for each.
I would like to ask that you take a little time over the next week to consider nominating one or more of your members for these awards:
(1) We also want to recognize up to half-a-dozen members as Unsung Heroes. These are people who do incredible things, often behind the scenes, that make your club run effectively. Many of them are only seen behind the scenes, but nonetheless deserve recognition. Follow this LINK to view or download form.
(2) We want to also recognize relatively new members for our Early Rotary Career Award. Please nominate members who hit the ground running as Rotarians and have quickly become essential members of your club. Follow this LINK to view or download form.
(3) Finally, we want to have some fun with our (appropriately named) Let’s Have Some Fun Award. These awards are meant to tease and embrace our members and their quirks, so please avoid any mean-spirited nominations. So maybe you have a member who (1) gets fined more often than your next three members combined, (2) always makes terrible jokes about everything, or (3) insists on wearing shorts in February in hopes that the weather will “catch up” with their outfit. For example, I have been teased about emails that are so long they have to be broken into chapters. Again, we do not want to laugh AT people; we want to laugh WITH them. Follow this LINK to view or download form.
Thank you so much for your help. We have an exciting program for you at the district conference, but we want to personalize it by recognizing deserving members. Please help us to do that this year.
Thank you.
Mike Raulin, District Governor (2017-2018)