January 2020 District Governors Thoughts………
HAPPY NEW YEAR…. Let’s make this the best year yet!
Can you believe we are half way through the year? Are you happy with what you were able to accomplish on a personal, professional and Rotarian level in 2019? If not, what are we going to change? Yes, we will be changing the Governor in six months and some of you may be looking forward to that. LOL But with the new year comes the opportunity to try again to reach our goals and objectives. The blessings of being a Rotarian seem to be endless, but for me I am most grateful to have the opportunity to work with you six more months. I hope by the end of the year, you all know how much I care about each of you.
January is dedicated as Vocational Service Month. Our organization’s greatest strength lies in the individual Rotarian. This is the time of the year to highlight the business and/or professional life of each Rotarian. The very basis of Rotary, "Engaging leaders around the world, exchanging ideas and taking action", is built upon the strength of each of you. The better we know each other, the closer our bond and the more effectively we can serve others.
I only have a few club visits left. What I can say is how important each and every club in District 6650 is to their community and to the world. No matter if you belong to a very small club or a very large club you are so appreciated and a real blessing to each other. Please know that our District leadership is filled with people from all the clubs that truly would like to assist you in YOUR goals. I have heard from many clubs how they would like to join other clubs for meetings, service projects, and socials. I am so happy to hear that message. Some of our clubs do not meet every week and some are lunch clubs that change to a breakfast once a month. Give some thought to having a joint lunch or breakfast meeting with a neighboring club or division of clubs. The more we unite the stronger we will be. The more we unite the better we can serve.
I am super excited for 2020. I believe the best is yet to be. Congratulations on a great 2019 and remember Rotary Connects the World!
Highest regards,
Dan Morgan DG 6650