Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 01, 2019
Julia Gulley
Resource Development Manager
The Salvation Army – Canton OH
Julia Gulley grew up in The Salvation Army. Her parents were officers (pastors) and she spent her early childhood years surrounded by those who served and those who needed services. It was those early experiences that fostered her desire to help others as an adult.
Much of Julia’s professional life has been spent working for The Salvation Army in one capacity or another. Julia graduated from Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey with a BA in English and she has been an administrator, a social service case worker, a bookkeeper, and, currently, a fundraiser. In fact, Julia got into development through her time with The Salvation Army and realized that this was the area where she could best use her gifts to help others. She spent several years doing fundraising for The Salvation Army on a part-time basis before taking a full-time position with the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, New Jersey. After five years with them, she relocated to Ohio, where her parents live in retirement, and accepted a position working for The Salvation Army of Canton. Now she is blessed to be able to use her gifts to help those who are in need, doing the work that God has called her to do.