Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 27, 2020
At our Zoom meeting on July 24, 2020, President Drew Pelger opened the meeting by welcoming the 24 Rotarians along with our speaker, Renato Camacho. President Drew then kicked off the meeting by playing the National Anthem and leading the members in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
The invocation was given by President Drew, who asked that we keep the Werren family in our prayers.
Club Secretary Paula Mastroianni reported on some interesting historical facts for the day, and suggested that Rotarians read the article titled "Clubs Made To Order" in the August edition of "The Rotarian". Paula also received a "Happy Buck" from President-Elect Mark Clendenin.
  • President Drew announced that he is working on details for our upcoming Rotary meetings (online and/or in person meetings).  Drew also announced that he is working with President-Elect Mark Clendenin on a possible fundraising event.
Vice President Julia Dick welcomed our speaker, Renato Camacho, President, CEO of the Akron-Canton Airport, who gave a very enlightening update on the airport and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected it.
Next Week's Rotary meeting will be a Zoom fellowship meeting.