End Polio NowRotary International
Ending polio: Rotary members have played a key role in bringing the world to the brink of polio eradication. Their efforts have not only ended polio in 122 countries but also created a system for tackling myriad other health priorities, such as Ebola.
Rotary has been working to eradicate polio for over 30 years, and our goal of ridding the earth of this disease is in sight. We started in 1979 with vaccinations for 6 million children in the Philippines. Today, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan are the only countries where polio remains endemic.
Please click on this LINK to read a very informative story regarding the efforts to eradicate Polio from the World and why continued funding is needed.
Pledge forms will be made available on October 5th.
On October 19th we will have a live auction for the bottle of wine donated by District Governor Scott Schulick. Proceeds from this auction will go directly to Rotary International for the benefit of End Polio Now.