Posted by Rick Taylor on Jan 17, 2020
Well, true to his word, President Elect Drew Pelger is ready to take the plunge...a "polar bear plunge", that is! Per your suggestions, PE Drew accepted the 'plunge' as his 'personal challenge' to encourage support for this year's Charitable Fund drive goal set at $12,000! 
Since Canton Rotarians generously supported his Charitable Fund drive, a grand total has been collected to date of $10,393.00!! PE Drew has registered for the 17th Annual Polar Bear Jump, to be held at TWO P.M. on February 29, 2020. Location is the Portage Lakes State Park Swim Beach at 5031 Manchester Rd., Akron, Ohio 44319. 
PE Drew encourages all Canton Rotarians to come watch him 'jump in the lake', and freeze his, ahem, TOES off!