Posted by Rick Taylor on Nov 06, 2018
November is Rotary Foundation month! There is an 8 minute video of "Making a Difference in our Community" prepared by Peter Apicella, M.D., District 6650 Foundation Chair. The video shows examples of the Foundation's good work including the new Military Family Center project. This project was a big undertaking requiring over three years and lots of local Rotarian support, both financially and in time and talent. To view the video, you may visit
November Paul Harris Fellow Challenge - Each member will be provided a special envelope for their donation. Envelopes will be available each Friday for members to participate in this challenge. For each $20.00 donated, a member will have a chance to win a Paul Harris Fellow for themselves, a spouse, or another person.  You just need to fill out this envelope and return it to the Rotary office or to Lauri/Barb. The envelopes will then be forwarded as a Club packet to Dr. Peter Apicella.
All donations must be made before January 1, 2019. The drawing will be held in early January and the winner will be notified.
(Editor's note: The Rotary Foundation supports the efforts of Rotary International throughout the world; funds donated to the Foundation can also be available for clubs and districts to use locally, as in the case of the Military Family Center. However, the Rotary Foundation is separate from our Canton Rotary Charitable Fund, which is our club's fund to support our local projects and community groups (see President-Elect Mark Rojek's article above). During this time of year, Canton Rotarians are encouraged to consider donations to both the Rotary Foundation and the Canton Rotary Charitable Fund).