Weight-Loss Challenge
September to February -
Which Paul Will You See In February?????
Help motivate President-Elect Paul Hervey to lose weight while helping to raise money for the Charitable Fund (note: this is our Annual Charitable Fund Drive!) Your donation depends upon how much weight Hervey loses. (Hint: he could stand to lose a lot!) 
Bonus: If we raise $20,000, Past Presidents Mark Clendenin and Drew Pelger have volunteered to take the Polar Bear Plunge in February!
Let’s work together to make it happen! You can fill out and return this form or send in your pledge to Paul (paul@hervey.co, 330-704-2935).
Thank you in advance for your wonderful support. 
Member: _________________ 
Total pledge for weight lost: 
_______ 10 pounds 
_______ 20 pounds 
_______ 30 pounds 
_______ 40 pounds 
_______ 50 pounds 
You only pay the amount for the highest weight lost.
Paul "Thin Mint" Hervey
C 330-704-2935