Hello fellow Canton Rotarians and welcome to December.  This is certainly one of my favorite times of the year.  It has less to do with the temperature outside, although I do enjoy a good dusting of snow, but rather more to do with the temperature of people‚Äôs hearts.

During the month of December, we try a little harder to stop, pause, and to reflect on all that we have, and actively look for opportunities to share our abundances with others that are a bit less fortunate.  I feel there is a difference between the charity of giving, which is more obligatory, and the kindness of giving that generates from the heart.  It more reflects an activity that we want to do.  I feel it is the essence of Canton Rotarians.

There are some great opportunities this month for us to show our kindness.  The Sweet Treat Raffle will be back at our 12/17/21 meeting, Pack the Bus is occurring through the month of December, and who knows, we might have the opportunity to ring some Salvation Army Bells.  I look forward to working along side you and enjoying the holiday with you.