In September, for the third year in a row, Districts 6600, 6630 and 6650 have come together to offer an exciting membership program, to help us engage and energize our members.
This year there will be 2- two hour meetings (on Tuesday, September 15 and Wednesday, September 23) in the early evening (6 to 8 PM). You can attend either or both meetings via Zoom at no cost. Past Rotary International President Barry Rassin (2018-2019), will be the speaker for the September 15th training session and District 6690 Membership Chair Jenny Stotts from RC of Athens Sunrise, Ohio, will be the September 23rd speaker.
You will have a choice of four breakout sessions on each night. You can attend one breakout session in each of the two meetings. The sessions are:
  1. Keeping Clubs Vital
  2. Making Rotary Work
  3. Sharing the Joy of Rotary
  4. Building on your Momentum
To view more information on these workshops and to register, click on this LINK!