The Rotary Club of Canton sponsored five Christmas parties in December for students in the Rotary Scout program. Rotarians hosted parties at Deuber, Allen, Cedar, Worley and Youtz elementary schools on 12/17, 12/18, 12/19, and 12/20. The students had a great time making snowmen out of marshmallows with Rotary Scout Program Specialist Dan Nesbitt. Each party was topped off with delicious cream-filled Santa donuts from Mary Ann Donuts and Rotary Scout sweatshirts that were given to each of the students.
Rotarians assisting were: PP Denny Fulmer, PP Rick Taylor, PP Amanda Tietze, and President Mark Rojek, and Rotary Scout Program Specialist Dan Nesbitt also attended each event. The kids had a great time and loved their sweatshirts, donuts and edible snowmen. They are looking forward to attending our Annual Rotary Scout Program at one of our regular Rotary meetings in May.
To view all photos from the holiday parties, please follow this LINK