As we start a new Rotary year, we took the opportunity to kick off our own Canton Rotary “Rotofact”. As often as we can and when deemed possible (based on time), we will be sharing a one minute Rotary fact, detail, historical perspective, or current event from around the world to remind ourselves of what Rotary means to us and why being a Rotarian matters.
Our first Rotofact is taken from the Rotarian Magazine, August 2016 issue, from the article on page 34 titled “Reasons To Love Rotary Right Now": We are about to eradicate a disease, and you can be a part of it. We are 99.9% of the way toward ending polio. As of early June, there were only 16 cases of wild poliovirus in the world, and many think this could be the year we see the last naturally occurring case of polio.