With the end of spring came the wrap-up of the Canton Rotary Spring Raffle.  I want to thank all who participated in this event, as it provides a portion of the funding necessary to do the particularly important projects that our club is known for.  Our club members have historically been involved in projects that have benefited so many.  Our goal was to sell 500 units and we ended up selling 206.  Even though we were a bit short of our goal, we did turn a net profit on the event after expenses.  I will be delivering the prizes to the office this Friday.  Please make arrangements with Lauri to obtain.
The following are the winners that were randomly drawn:
Weller and Weller:  Daniel Fuline
EH Taylor Towers:  Drew Pelger
Blanton’s Pairing:  Tim Furbay
Widow Jane Pairing:  Lynn Hamilton
Spread Eagle Tavern Inn:  Gary Sirak
Landolls Mohican Castle:  Suzette Matthews
Scott Talbot Spa:  James Boggs
Taggarts and Kennedys:  Bob Matthews
$500 Cash Grand Prize:  Jennie George