Posted by Robert K. Matthews on Dec 04, 2018
I would like to thank the following Rotarians for their support in the November 2018 Health Screen and Wellness Fair. They are as follows:
Paul White promoted the event on his Friday mornings radio show, “Health Matters” and also managed the placement of our ads in the Canton Repository.

Shawn Dougherty supplied the refreshments for the participants and helped with traffic direction.

Rebecca Marchino and Donnie Peterson arranged Public Service Radio spots.

Tim Furbay and Jack Barkan handled traffic direction at the event.

Rob Roland and Mark Rojek processed payments.

Tony Pierce and Justin Candea placed and rotated promotional road signs.

Amanda Tietze and Raquel Raderchak directed the phone calls made to the past participants.

Rick Taylor helped with the event set-up.

The committee would like to give thanks to the Rotary office staff of Lauri and Barb for their exemplary service to this event. They sent letters to the past participants, and Stark County physicians, and handled the pre-registration phone calls.
The next Health Screen will take place on Saturday, April 27, 2019.