Posted by Mark Rojek on Dec 03, 2018
The Canton Rotary Charitable Fund (CRCF) is the nonprofit portion of our club that helps us bring important services to the greater Canton community.   One great example of a community service project that is helped by our CRCF is the exciting “Pack the Bus” food drive event.
As I had stated in last week's article, the “Pack the Bus” event was a smashing success.  The group put together by President Michelle Mullaly was all-hands on-deck, as we delivered box after box of cereal, soups, vegetables, macaroni and cheese, pastas, plus toiletry items such as soap and toothpaste.  The room used to store the goods at the school was packed at the end of our day!
But the real satisfaction in this event was derived from the faces of the young students at Allen Elementary, who helped Rotarians bring in the goods.  Many kids were delighted to help carry boxes and find the proper place to store the items in them.  Little ones just learning how to read were studying the colorful cans and boxes and thrilled to figure out what they were helping deliver. Virtually all the kids had favorites (“Mmmm…I love mashed potatoes”) and not-so favorites (“Green beans… yuck”).   And you could see the excitement in their eyes at the prospect of some delicious food that they otherwise would not have had to eat at Thanksgiving.
It is this type of community outreach that reinforces our mission of “Service Above self”.  And it is through your generous donations to the CRCF that bring this mission to life. 
The annual charitable fund that I am leading is one of the primary funding sources for the CRCF.  At this point in our drive, we are just hitting the home stretch.  Many Rotarians have responded generously thus far, but many still have yet to make a contribution.  Now is the time for all of us to give to this important part of our club.  We have several ways to give, including:  cash or check; credit card; the donation of appreciated securities; or qualified retirement distributions.  Just pick your method and give.
Please decide to make this important contribution to our club… and our community.  Your gift will be greatly appreciated and will help make a child’s day become a good bit brighter.