Posted by MARK CLENDENIN on Apr 08, 2019
For our 'Non-Event Raffle', we hope that you won't come to the event we are not having and not eat the great food that we are not providing.  Okay, so now you have an idea of what this Non-Event event is, or I guess in this case, what it isn't.
Our Non-Event Raffle raises funds to benefit our various Canton Rotary Projects, as well as providing funding for the Youth Backpack Food program, Youth Mentoring programs, and an Opiate Neutralization Bag program.  All such projects are in the Canton City Schools and/or in the City of Canton.  The ticket price is low and purchasing is available online, so we encourage you to get others, even those outside of our club, involved in buying or selling tickets, so they have the opportunity to be part of our community support.
At four weekly meetings between May and June, we will draw two door prize winners at each, with a $500.00 grand prize to be drawn at the fourth meeting.  (Winners need not be present, door prize winners can only win once, but all winning and non-winning tickets will be eligible for the $500 grand prize.)
Tickets are $20 each and may be purchased on Eventbrite at:
There are 120 active members of the Rotary Club of Canton and we have 500 tickets to sell before the first Friday in May.  Please commit to selling at least 4 or 5 tickets before the end of April because "many hands make for light work". Thanks!