Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 03, 2018
At the August 3, 2018, meeting, President Michelle Mullaly welcomed the 54 members and 15 guests to the meeting. She thanked former Canton Rotarian Jack Brannen for filling in for the Club's "piano man", Bill Sparks, who was out of town.
President Michelle asked anyone celebrating an August birthday to please stand and be recognized.
Rotarian Bill Liber gave the Invocation.
The winner of the 50/50 drawing worth $80.00 was Rotarian Dave Schrade.
President Elect Mark Rojek welcomed the following guests to the meeting: Gregg Ficery (speaker); John Adcox (guest of speaker); David Zwick, Margy Vogt, Phil Elum, Bill Dorman, Bailey Yoder, Mandy Altimus Stahl, and Gary Harwood (guests of PP Rick Taylor); Larry Marcus (guest of Jeff Scott); Joshua Lee and Preston Elavsky (guests of PP Dan Matthews and James Boggs); Mitch Kendall (Rotarian-Massillon); Joe McNamee (Rotarian-Cuyahoga Falls) and Jack Brannen (guest of the Club).
The "Happy News" was then provided by the following:
  • Paul Hervey - happy for his son's return from the Holy Land...and the start of the Michigan football season;
  • PP Rick Taylor - happy to have his guests from Massillon in attendance and to invite eveyone to the LaFlavour concert that night in Massillon
  • Margy Vogt - happy about the Massillon Museum expansion, including the Paul Brown permanent exhibit - opening soon!
Golf outing chairman Bill Liber took to the podium to remind everyone about the upcoming "Four Man Scramble" which will take place on Friday, August 17, 2018. If you have a team or plan to play and need paired up with a team, please RSVP so we can get things finalized with the course.
PP Rick Taylor announced the upcoming "Oktoberfest" taking place on September 20, 2018. Rick reminded our members that the Oktoberfest replaces the longtime "Pancake Day" fundraiser. For the pancake fundraiser, Rotarians were asked to pay $100 to receive tickets for the event. The Oktoberfest is designed to raise money from outside the Club, but needs sponsor support to continue to grow.
PP Rick then introduced the speaker for the meeting, Gregg Ficery, who provided a presentation on the professional Canton/Massillon football rivalry from the early 1900's.
President Michelle presented a Canton Rotary pen to speaker, Gregg Ficery, and asked him to sign a book to be donated to the Stark County Public Library. She then made the following announcements to conclude the meeting:
  • next week's speaker will be State Representative Kirk Schuring. He will have an update on Ohio's medical marijuana law.
  • there was to be a Military Family Center committee meeting following the conclusion of the Rotary meeting.
The following Rotarian turned in a makeup during Friday's meeting: Phil Lattavo (1-Canton South; 2-Massillon).