At our weekly meeting on March 10, 2017, President Craig Young welcomed the members and guests to the meeting.  President Craig reminded everyone about the passing of longtime Rotarian and Past President Jason McCoy, and announced that Jason's services would be held on Saturday, March 11th, at Lamiell Funeral Home.
Rotarian Mark Shaffer then gave the Invocation.
Vice President Michelle Mullaly filled in for a traveling Suzette Matthews. Michelle welcomed the following guests to the meeting: Dr. Leonard Knell and Dr. Harvey Cohen (guests of Jerry Ortman); Rollin Seward (City of Canton Director of Community Involvement & guest of Mayor Tom Bernabei); Homer Richards, Rita Burchett, Ryan Young and Kirt Conrad (guests of President Craig Young).
The "Happy Bucks" news was then provided by the following: 
  • Mark Clendenin - Congratulations to Kent State University and the University of Akron for advancing to the MAC Finals;
  • PP Virginia Neutzling - was happy to be sitting with everyone at her table. She also stated the snowfall from last night was very pretty when she woke up;
  • Bruce Schorsten - was happy for the great journey this week for local high school basketball teams, especially North Canton Hoover Vikings vs Jackson Polar Bears;
  • President Craig Young - was very happy Mayor Bernabei and Kirt Conrad, from SARTA, werein attendance at the meeting. President Craig also welcomed Rollin Seward to Canton, Ohio.
Rotarian John DeWees (sponsor) then took to the podium to introduce the newest member to Canton Rotary, Ashleigh Abrigg (*Please see story above for Ashleigh's Biography);
President Craig then introduced the speakers from Habitat for Humanity, Courtney Brown and Aaron Brown. 
President Craig concluded the meeting by reminding everyone about next week's speakers, Leslie Doan and Karla Dennis, from Tiqvah Helping Hands.  He also reminded the members about the upcoming Fellowship outing to the Canton Charge game on Tuesday, March 14th, with a pre-game Happy Hour at Desert Inn.
The following Rotarians will receive a makeup for attending the New Member Orientation meeting held on Friday, March 10th: Past President Rick Taylor, Past President/Treasurer Tom Clevenger, Rotarian Theresa Blocher and Rotarian Mark Shaffer.
The following Rotarians turned in a makeup during Friday's meeting: Mark Shaffer (Canton South); PP Scott Sandrock (North Canton, Millersburg); PP Virginia Neutzling (North Canton); PP Curt Werren (Plain).