Posted by Rick Taylor on May 08, 2018
At the weekly meeting on May 11, 2018, Vice President Mark Rojek filled in for President Amanda Tietze who was attending the District Conference in Warren. VP Mark welcomed the 55 members and 4 guests to the meeting.
Rotarian Lynn Hamilton gave the Invocation. Rotarian Amanda Berkeley gave the Rotofact.
Secretary Suzette Matthews welcomed the following guests to the meeting: Anne Graffice (speaker); Edward Murray (guest of Tim Furbay); Paul Hervey (guest of PP Dan Matthews); Alison Matas (Repository Staff Writer).
The "Happy News" was provided by the following:
  • Mark Clendenin - to celebrate his son graduating from The Ohio State University;
  • Bob Myers - to thank his fellow Rotarians for the "Get Well" card. It was very much appreciated!
  • Frank Fleischer - to celebrate his son receiving a Phd recently;
  • Bruce Schorsten - to recognize PP Denny Fulmer who ran the HOF 1/2 Marathon on Sunday, April 29, 2018. Great job!
Raffle Committee Chair Drew Pelger pulled the third week of raffle prize tickets (*See story above for winners);
May Speaker Chair Don Peterson introduced Anne Graffice, Vice President of Development and Strategic Adventures for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Anne spoke on "Development at the Hall of Fame";
Vice President Mark concluded the meeting with the following announcements:
  • next week's meeting will be OFFSITE and held at the Canton Museum of Art. The speaker will be Rotarian Max Barton who will speak on “The Economic Impact of the Arts: A National and State View”.
  • Parking for next week's meeting will be street level. The parking deck will be closed. You will enter the museum entrance on Market Avenue and the meeting is in the Courtyard;
  • the final drawing for the raffle will take place next Friday! Last day to purchase your raffle tickets will be prior to the start of Friday's meeting; 
The following Rotarians turned in a makeup during Friday's meeting: Jerry Ortman (Plain); Dennis Dent; PP Dan Matthews (Massillon).