Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 05, 2019
During the April 5, 2019 meeting, President Michelle Mullaly welcomed 60 members and 4 guests to the meeting. She asked everyone celebrating an April birthday to please stand and be recognized. President Michelle then thanked Krassas Event Center volunteer, Georgia, for making her amazingly good coconut dessert!
Rotarian Chris Burt gave the Invocation.
Congratulations go to Rotarian Dan Fuline for having the winning 50/50 ticket worth $56.00.
Secretary Suzette Matthews welcomed the following guests to the meeting: Ted Swaldo (speaker); Marisa Rohn (Jackson rotarian) and Dan McMasters (Massillon Rotarian) (both guests of Mark Rojek); Penni Ewing (guest/wife of PDG/PP Dave Ewing).
The "Happy News" was then provided by the following:
  • PDG/PP Dave Ewing - to celebrate his wife, Penni, being at the meeting;
  • PP Craig Young - to celebrate the fact that PDG/PP Bob Pattison is back in attendance;
  •      - also to celebrate that his new grandson spent the night with him recently;
  • PP Dan Matthews - to celebrate the fact that his wife, Suzette, is an expressive Rotary Secretary!
  • James Boggs - to celebrate the tournament success of Marshall University basketball team;
  • PDG/PP Bob Pattison - to announce that he's glad to be back in Canton so he can attend our Rotary meeting's again;
  • Tim Franta - to announce that he's excited that his son, Matthew Franta, will be carrying on the family tradition of being a Canton Rotarian by becoming a member soon!
Suzette concluded her time at the podium by letting the members know it was time once again to consider making a donation to her "Run, Run, Run-raiser", which will benefit the "Pack the Bus" program. *editor's note: Suzette was able to raise $180.00 during this meeting
President Michelle reminded everyone of the upcoming Health Screen & Wellness Fair on Saturday, April 27, 2019. She also made the members aware of information on each table about the Rotary Club of Canton's Facebook Page.  If you have a Facebook account, please take the opportunity to follow this Rotary account!
President Michelle was very pleased to introduce two of the three new members being introduced that day. The first new member was Ron Haines, who transferred from a Rotary Club in Washington state. The other new member that Michelle introduced was Jeff Stem, sponsored by Kyle Brown.
Rotarian Dave Schrade then took to the podium to introduce his new member to the Rotary Club of Canton, Barry Adelman.
You can read the bio's of all three new members in the stories above.
Dave Schrade then welcomed and introduced his speaker for the meeting, Ted Swaldo. Ted is the founder of Gervasi Vineyards and gave a presentation about their new distillery and all of the exciting things happening at Gervasi.
President Michelle concluded the meeting with the following announcements:
  • She will not be in attendance at next week's meeting because she will be attending the District Conference in Columbus;
  • Vice President Drew Pelger will be filling in for her and running next week's meeting; 
  • For anyone interested in helping with the Annual Golf Outing committee, there was a meeting immediately following the conclusion of the Rotary meeting. Bill Liber and Brad Carpenter are co-chairs;
  • next week's speaker will be Gregg Schorsten, who will discuss the History of the Masters Tournament. 
The following turned in makeups during Friday's meeting: Bob Matthews (2 - Venice Nokomis Rotary).
The following will receive a makeup for attending the Annual Golf Outing committee meeting held on Friday, April 5, 2019: Co-Chairs Bill Liber and Brad Carpenter, Terri Barry, Ryan Parkinson, Jim Molnar, Paul White, Paul Hervey, Shawn Dougherty, James Boggs, Dave Ewing and Bruce Schorsten.