Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 04, 2019
As you may know, Rotary was founded by Paul Harris, with several acquaintances from various professions, who decided to get together for lunch each week for friendship and to share information on their jobs and businesses. Eventually, these folks decided to expand their 'mission' to include civic engagement (their first project was to make a donation to pay for the first public restrooms in Chicago!)
With that in mind, FELLOWSHIP is still a major tenet of Rotary, and, we think, one of the main reasons that people join. 
So we would like to encourage ALL of you to attend our weekly meetings as often as you can!
Just to remind everyone, our weekly meetings are held on Friday's beginning at 11:45 am at the Alex D. Krassas Event Center located at 251 - 25th Street in Canton. If for some reason you haven't been there (and we certainly hope that's not the case), it is a great facility with delicious food! And we still offer some fantastic speakers and programs! 
To give you some idea of our recent attendance, out of our total of 132 Canton Rotarians, here are the numbers of attendees the last few weeks: 
January 4 -                52 members
January 11 -              51 members
January 18 -              50 members
January 25 -              47 members
February 1 -               45 members
We would LOVE to get those numbers up........NOT for the sake of our 'stats', but so that we have more people with whom to enjoy Rotary face-to-face!
A great location, great food, great programs.........most importantly, GREAT PEOPLE!
Hope to see you at a meeting soon!