Posted by MARK ROJEK on Mar 19, 2019
Those of you who attended our Rotary meeting on March 8th heard about some disappointing trends in the membership of our club.  For those of you who missed the meeting, our membership has declined by over 25% over the past five years.  This loss of over 40 active members has put pressure on our club and made our ability to serve our community much more challenging. Whether due to death or illness, career changes, or a changing work environment… this is a trend that all Rotarians have to make an effort to reverse.  And we have created some membership initiatives to do just that!
The Board of Directors has approved a new Organizational Membership program.  This innovative program allows leaders of businesses and non-profits in the Canton community to become engaged in service to the club, manage their time, and involve others in their own organizations to get involved.  We have published an Organizational Membership brochure that provides all the highlights of this new program and have established a targeted list of prospective organizations.  But we need your help!
We need every Rotarian to review the targeted list and identify the organizational leaders they know personally.  Once identified, please call with the information to Lauri in our office.  We will take your insight and make a coordinated effort to reach out to every person identified.
To provide further incentive to attract new members (organizational or individual) we are asking all of you to invite a prospect to an upcoming meeting. From now until the end of June, any prospect you invite to the club can attend our meeting for free!  Simply let Lauri or Barb in our office know that you are bringing someone so we can plan accordingly.