Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 02, 2019
The Rotary office received a "Thank You" letter dated June 22, 2019, from David Miller, President of the Philomatheon Society of the Blind.  David writes:
"Dear Canton Rotary Philomatheon Society of the Blind Committee Members:  I, along with the Board of Directors and the membership of the Philomatheon Society of the Blind, would like to thank this committee, as well as the entire Canton Rotary Club, for the excellent picnic that was put on for the Society on Saturday last. This picnic is such a joy for the members that I cannot truly express my feelings.
I would like to especially thank Steve, for organizing and providing such great picnic food, Jack and Frank, for their usual great cooking, Virginia, for her on-site organization and energy in helping with everything. I cannot forget Tom Tucker, Dave Roberts and Paul Hervey including Alice for keeping Jack in line. If I have forgotten anyone, I am truly sorry. This year's picnic went off without a hitch and the food was tops. I am also very appreciative of the prizes that were provided for the bingo game. That really went above and beyond and I thank all of you.
This event is looked forward to with great enthusiasm by all the members and I hope that it can continue for many years to come.
If the Philomatheon Society can ever be of service to the Canton Rotary Club, please do not hesitate to let us know. Again, thank you for the wonderful picnic."