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From the History Channel - 

Which president refused to recognize Thanksgiving?

Thomas Jefferson was famously the only Founding Father and early president who refused to declare days of thanksgiving and fasting in the United States. Unlike his political rivals, the Federalists, Jefferson believed in “a wall of separation between Church and State” and believed that endorsing such celebrations as president would amount to a state-sponsored religious worship. Read more.

What does the poem, 'Mary had a little lamb,' have to do with Thanksgiving?

The first official proclamation of a national Thanksgiving holiday didn’t come until 1863, when President Abraham Lincoln called for an annual Thanksgiving celebration on the final Thursday in November. The proclamation was the result of years of impassioned lobbying by "Mary Had a Little Lamb" author and abolitionist Sarah Josepha Hale.

How did a botched Thanksgiving order lead to the TV tray dinner?

In 1953, an employee at C.A. Swanson & Sons overestimated demand for Thanksgiving turkey and the company was left with some 260 tons of extra frozen birds. As a solution, Smithsonian reports, a Swanson salesman ordered 5,000 aluminum trays, devised a turkey meal and recruited an assembly line of workers to compile what would become the first TV tray dinners. A culinary hit was born. In the first full year of production, 1954, the company sold 10 million turkey TV tray dinners.
Hello fellow Canton Rotarians!
It's that time of year - yes, the Holidays, but also when we raise funds and deliver food to Canton City School kids to help ensure they and their families have enough food and other essentials.
We will once again be supporting Allen Elementary - now called Patrick Elementary.
Unfortunately, with the pandemic numbers increasing and showing no signs of slowing, Pack the Bus will look a little different this year. We will not be doing an in-person collection. 
Instead, I am asking you to consider donating money so that we can purchase needed food and supplies to be delivered directly to the school. We do have the District Grant money this year, but anything additional, of course, will certainly help.
If you wish to donate money - or if you know someone who might - please click here. It will take you to our Canton Rotary donation page. Fill out the form and at the bottom, where it asks where you would like to have the funds directed, select "Other", then type into the box  "Pack the Bus". Please make your donation by November 30th.
In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy! I miss you all.
PP Michelle Charles

Dave Beule - November 2nd.
Robert Matthews - November 2nd.
Denny Fulmer - November 3rd.
Raquel Raderchak - November 14th.
Don Peterson - November 16th.
Paul White - November 16th.
David Hursh - November 18th.
Darin Nissley - November 24th.
Pete Taflan - November 24th.
Chris Schoeppner - November 28th.
The Brew Card is on sale now and can be purchased via the event page on Facebook or through Eventbrite.
Check it out and make your donations and support the charitable fund and the breweries.
(Editor's note: as you probably realize, our Canton Rotary Charitable Fund is challenged this year, since we have not been able to hold our normal slate of fundraisers due to COVID. Thanks to Oktoberfest Chairperson, Raquel Raderchak, this BREW CARD creatively takes the place of our live Oktoberfest, and gives us all an opportunity to 1) support Canton Rotary and our Charitable Fund and 2) support local breweries/restaurants that have been hit by COVID challenges, too. And it can be a great gift, especially for your relatives, friends, and associates who are younger-than-Boomer-age and LOVE craft beers! Please consider buying the new Canton Rotary BREW CARD.) 
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In accordance with the order from the Ohio Department of Health, the Rotary Office will be closed to the public.
Don't worry though!  All correspondences are checked daily and we will try our best to respond back to all inquiries as soon as possible.
Please feel free to contact our club officers or Lauri by email at: or by phone at 330-452-2882.  

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